• Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, over 4 years ago

    Be careful to make note of what the categories are. Warby Parker is shown as Form optimization best in class but it certainly isn't best in class for accessibility - all that tiny grey text!

    Also, it doesn't have field labels, which it should as a best in class form…

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    • Pedro MC FernandesPedro MC Fernandes, over 4 years ago

      The examples are just too bad. Some are not even visually clear, as they state they are. Just plain confusing and not focused on a good experience/conversion

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  • Miraj PatelMiraj Patel, over 4 years ago

    Is "Clear CTA above the fold" a real thing? For mobile?

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  • James LaneJames Lane, over 4 years ago

    Just looking at this again, I think a lot of it is just personal preference.

    Also this: "After looking at several hundred retail sites, we realized that there were certain universal UX elements that helped create a frictionless shopping experience" - shows that they have just looked at what everyone else does, not what they think is best practice.

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  • A. N.A. N., over 4 years ago

    "Show consolidated menu" and display hamburger menus as best practices for mobile is misleading, it's definitely not good user experience.

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  • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, over 4 years ago

    Might I ask where you got this from? Is this a current one?

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