What are your favorite courses for learning motion & animation?

2 years ago from , UI/UX Designer

I'm at a point in my UX Design career where I want to learn more about motion & animation. I never had formal training about these concepts but I've read articles here and there. I know myself well enough to know that I learn better through formal courses rather than the self taught route. I've self taught myself visual design but that came through actual real-world work experience. I am currently at a company where I don't have other designers I can learn from about motion/animation (and that's okay).

I work at a place that has a yearly education stipend, which people usually spend on conferences. I want to spend that money on courses instead of a conference this upcoming year.

Does anyone have any recommendations for online/in person courses for motion & animation related specific to UX/UI? I'm also based in San Diego, California if anyone knows of good part-time programs. Thanks in advance!

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  • twinseN .twinseN ., almost 2 years ago

    Lynda.com has a nice introduction course for CSS animation from Val Head. I've done it and I could learn the basics.

    I have seen this other one as well: https://uxinmotion.net/ but I have not taken any course from them, so I cannot tell how good they are.

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