Stroke to outlines tool — when drawing letters.

3 years ago from , Designer

Just launched Kickstarter campaign. http://kck.st/2Pzg7lN

But, some people find the video annoying. What do you think about it? Or the project generally?

The idea: Drawing vector strokes with outlines can be tedious. So the tool makes the strokes and generates nice clear outlines.


  • Corin EdwardsCorin Edwards, 3 years ago

    Yeah not gonna lie, that video was very annoying :(

    The tool sounds ok but the video didn't explain much of it clearly and kind of turned me off looking in to it. I'm not sure a comedy fascist is a great spokesperson for a kickstarter.

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    • Filip Zajac, 3 years ago

      Thanks for being honest. Thinking about whether I can do something with it. I don't know whether it going to cause a failure of the campaign. Can record some stupid film, in one day but does it makes a difference?

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  • Account deleted 3 years ago

    That video made me close that tab in like 2 seconds because it was so bad.

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