• James LaneJames Lane, 3 months ago

    This must be a joke right?... I don't get it though :(

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    • Vladimir Carrer, 3 months ago

      What do you mean?

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      • James LaneJames Lane, 3 months ago

        Oh it's not!? Sorry Vlad, genuinely thought it was.

        You say it works in IE10 but it can't without the -ms-prefix. There are no supports wrappers or prefixes at all.

        Also, why would it need to be implemented using npm? It's basic css. Anyone could create these classes using the flex css property, what you've created here isn't something that needs to be used to achieve what you've achieved.

        Why not use css grid?

        Can I Use Flex

        Can I Use Grid

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        • Vladimir Carrer, 3 months ago

          It doesn't need -ms-prefix to work in IE 10. I made tests in IE 10.

          Why would it need to be implemented using npm?

          It doesn't. You can simply make download. I use npm because it give me access to the content delivery network unpkg.com or others.

          Why not use css grid? For some web designers is the browser compatibility. CSS Grid is not the holy grail is just different CSS Layout system. I actually made this: https://vladocar.github.io/SMART-CSS-GRID/

          You will probably respond with the CSS Grid we no longer need CSS Frameworks. True, but the CSS Frameworks are just smart way to organise you CSS.

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          • James LaneJames Lane, 3 months ago

            In that case.... bravo!

            You're right, I would say that about frameworks, they make sense if you don't have time to build your own system. Saying that, grid and flexbox are so quick to use, I'm still not sure it's needed.

            Next one: is it responsive and semantically correct?

            What I mean by that is that you shouldn't have to add rows and columns in the marktup just for layout, the css should do all the heavy lifting.

            I'm not trying to be a dick here - just trying to ask questions that might improve what you've done.

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            • Vladimir CarrerVladimir Carrer, 3 months ago

              Responsive and semantically correct?

              It comes with "native" responsivnes all the the columns are fluid and can be reshaped.You can always add how columns behave in some breakpoints.

              Semantically correct? No CSS Framework is semantically correct they are used as smarter building blocks, declare once and use it many times. You can always add semantic hocks like #header, #footer, #sidebar.. Also if you use semantic logic you will produce more CSS code..

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