• Jrtorrents Dorman , almost 2 years ago

    Lol is this a joke ?

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    • Martin LeBlanc, almost 2 years ago

      Why do you think that?

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      • Jrtorrents Dorman , almost 2 years ago

        Because you’re not actually animating “svg icon” in Aftereffects?

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        • Martin LeBlancMartin LeBlanc, over 1 year ago

          Ok, got it.

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        • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, over 1 year ago

          They're animating an svg image, in After Effects CC, to use as an icon.

          Please explain your issue, because I feel you're just being a pain in the ass.

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          • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 1 year ago

            I clicked the article with genuine interest because I thought someone had found a way of animating and exporting to Svgs in Ae and not through Lottie!

            Do yourself a favor and read the article.

            Sounds rather sneaky way to get clicks.

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            • Julian H, over 1 year ago

              I'm with you, the actual animation part (and what possibilities SVGs offer for animations) isn't really covered in the article.

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            • Richard BallermannRichard Ballermann, over 1 year ago

              You came in pretty heavy with the snark on that first comment with zero explanation, which is probably why you're feeling those downvotes, but you certainly aren't wrong.

              I was thinking the exact same thing: "hey neat, a tutorial that will show me how to export an animation from AE as SVG".

              Lottie's been around for a little while now, so was really hoping to see a new approach that didn't require using multiple 3rd party tools. Turns out the only thing they cover is animating a vector image in after effects, that's all.

              What really bothered me is they clearly allude to covering the export process (with a link that jumps you to that section, no less) but turns out that step isn't even in this tutorial:

              "The solution is an After Effects CC extension called Bodymovin combined with the mobile library Lottie. But you’ll have to wait until Iconfinder’s next blog post ..."

              So all in all, SVG's have no nothing to do with this. AE doesn't support them (you need to first convert them using Illustrator), and from what I gather Lottie exports JSON data. I'm just as confused as you are as to why they are highlighting it.

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