【Need Help for Wordpress sites Hosting etc .】

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Hi ,

Hope it's a right place for my urgent problems. Really need you guys help. Especially need wordpress experts. A bit longer, hope this won't boring you.

So I’m a graphic designer, recently I decide to go with wordpress as my design studio / portfolio site, but for now I don’t know anything about wordpress(as well as anything about code/development), I'm looking for a best fit hosting for my wordpress websites. Based on my initial research, I guess perhaps the best choice for me are Siteground and Bluehost? May I ask some expertise suggestions if possible? If so I really appreciate!

I total have 5-6 websites would like to go with WordPress, About 3 of them are my online shops/e-commerce sites, so I will then use Woocommerce for them ( Once my these 3 shops grow then perhaps change to Shopify probably).

But will start one by one, basically for now will start with 3 of these total sites, two are the main design studio sites, the other one is the shop, and then the remaining 2-3 sites may start after the next year or 3 years.

So may I ask you a few questions:

  1. Which hosting you think the best fit my situation? How do you think the Siteground and Bluehost ? Are they best fit? Or, have other options suggestions? If so please advise.

  2. Between Siteground and Bluehost, I notice that they both have “ Unlimited websites” option for their “GrowBig” and “plus” options, so based on my state, if I would like to start with this direction( not their basic first stage but their middle plus grow option) if this right for me ? Since I just start my business and online shop.

Siteground: https://www.siteground.com/wordpress-hosting.htm

Bluehost: https://www.bluehost.com/special/wordpress#get-started-with-bluehost

  1. And for these 2 hostings, I’m wondering since I have total 5-6 websites will based on wordpress (although will start from 3 sites), just a bit confused, their “Unlmited websites” means all websites will use one host space? If so then if this means more websites use one same host then each speed will more easy to get slow? If so do I have to use different host spaces separately? For example, the 2 studio sites with one of the same space, and another 2 shops to use a new host space? Which is more suitable?

  2. the siteground’s “GrowBig” web space only has 20GB, but the Blueshost “Plus” option has “ Unmetered”website space ! So if it looks like Bluehost more fit for my type(for my design studios and shops purposes)?

  3. based on their websites, it looks like Bluehost has “ Free Domain for one year”, but Siteground doesn’t have this feature? And Siteground has “ Free email”, but Bluehost doesn’t have this feature?

  4. the Bluehost has another option that “Choice Plus”, it says “ Perfect for online stores”, I’m wondering since I will have 2-3 shops in the future, if assume I choose their “Plus” option for now, and together with my design studios sites which both use in one same host space, one day if it’s easy / convenient to convert Shops sites directly to their “ Choice Plus” Option? Or, for my shops sites better to start directly with their “Choice Plus” option ?

  5. For the Siteground, they has another option specific for “Woocommerce hosting”(see here: https://www.siteground.com/woocommerce-hosting.htm ) ? I’m confused that if choose wordpress , then if there has a woocommerce plugin for wordpress directly? If so is there any difference? (OMG hope I have explained clear)

  6. Based on all of above , how should I choose their option/plan?

  7. may I ask since a newbie currently I don't know WordPress at all, do these hosting (especially siteground and bluehost) all have that "quick easy installation" way? Is there anything else I need to be aware of after the wordpress installation? Can I install the wordpress theme template directly after wordpress installed? Are there any “must-have” important plugins I have to install as well (better specific fit for studios sites and ecommerce shops sites) ? Could you please recommend some tips and useful plugins (better Free type, you know just start ;-> ) ?

Hope these too many questions won’t boring you, if so I’m very sorry about this, just feel some mess flustered and uncertain about these kind of things, hope you can help me, very thank you very much!

And happy new year! ;-> Best, -N