Is there an easy way to create dribbble shots?

6 months ago from , UI/UX Designer at Instarem.com

I have created an app prototype in XD but not able to upload it on dribbble in a presentable way. Process I'm following My artboard size is 375812 but dribbble takes the max resolution of 800600. So, I thought I'll add a background of size 1200*900, then record the video and compress the size in photoshop and export the gif.

Problems I'm facing 1. Can't increase the size of the artboard in XD it messes up the animation 2. Unable to add background in XD 3. Recording video and then exporting it to photoshop and then making the gif is too hectic.

Please help me. :/


  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 6 months ago

    I don't use XD but cann you import your artboards in Flinto or Principle? There you can record your prototype and export it as gif or as a video.

    Is it possible to export the video with transparency? Therefore you cann alter the background of the gif via the export.

    Another way is to export the original Video and do the cropping, background in after effects. From there export it as a video, import to photoshop then export as gif. In After Effects you can add a phone frame or change the background coressponding to the main animation.

    Import into after effect should help a lot.

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    • Account deleted 6 months ago

      Just a head's up - Principle outputs huuuuge file sizes - Way too big for dribbble. You'll have to take it into PS or something and remove a lot of frames to get it in the dribbble size limits.

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      • Ashish Singh, 6 months ago

        Thanks Jan & Todd. I will definitely try the process you have suggested, but it is still too hectic for just one shot. I'm sure there would a plugin or app for this. Like Framer X has where you have to just link the prototype to a dribbble frame and export the video from there.

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        • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 6 months ago

          Maybe the frame rate is the issue here, try do your animation at 60fps. Just thought about because you mentioned the hectic of it.

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