• Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 19 hours ago

    Is imaginarycloud spamming articles to increase their seo?

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    • P.J. Onori, 1 hour ago


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    • , 19 hours ago

      We publish design articles with some frequency and I often upload them here. From designers to other designers, in other to promote discussion.

      I strongly believe that the articles we share have real value and mirror individual opinions.

      If we wanted to do it for SEO, we would be spamming "5 reasons why... wtv" and similar stuff. It's a shame that the effort that some authors put in those articles gets disregarded just because of the blog's domain.

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      • P.J. Onori, 7 minutes ago

        Submitting content from your own blog/property is fraught with conflicts of interest. Given the nature of publishing at this point (DN not being the exception to this), it's hard to ignore and assume it's of an altruistic nature.

        If the content is worthy, readers will submit it.

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      • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 18 hours ago

        That first paragraph is written 100% for SEO purposes.

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        • , 17 hours ago

          There's no big SEO value in linking to our own domain and the author of the post has 0 experience in digital marketing. No editing was made in that direction either.

          Given the nature of most posts - opinion texts - we like to create discussions from it and participate in them as well. It's not altruistic, it's just what we like to do.

          Now excuse me if this seems out of place, but I did wish that a design community was as much about sharing opinions as it is personal portfolios, new tools or interesting news. There's value in all those entries, as I see it.

          I just don't see the point in making the discussion about why anyone is sharing anything if in the end it's worthy.

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          • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 17 hours ago

            There is no way this:

            When I was interviewed by Imaginary Cloud for a Digital Product Designer job opening

            was not written for SEO.

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            • , 16 hours ago

              Well, I can guarantee that it was not. Also, SEO is about strategically placing keywords in texts to rank better in them. Given our core business, ranking for "Digital Product Designer" would give us very little advantage. It's the actual position name for which he has applied and starting with it was his personal choice.

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