• Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 22 hours ago

    This is far more Mondrian/Bauhaus than anything else.

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    • Mikael StaerMikael Staer, 7 hours ago

      Yup. A lot of people working in design and tech have bypassed formal education, so they missed out on the (important) history lessons. (Not a dig on anyone who didn't go to design school, just that it should be in one's best interest to learn about what came before, what was and why. I have found that the best in almost anything are typically great historians of their field.)

      Many think Brutalist web design is anything that is intentionally big/sloppy/not neatly and compactly designed/breaks typical patterns.

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  • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 1 day ago

    I feel like this goes for any of these 'brutalist' websites:

    Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

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