How to Find Yourself...

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Finding oneself is more common than you think. It does not have to consist or express itself in the fact that you throw your life and become a yoga teacher. Can you, but you do not have to. Self-discovery simply means that you get to know each other better, look carefully, what is important to you and what you do after that which is good for you. Often one does not dare to express oneself and to say that one is in search of oneself. From fear of the reactions of others, that one could "fall out of the role." Unfortunately, this does not allow you to really find yourself fully. Do you know? This blog post, this article should be a big invitation to you: To perceive yourself and to see where you stand. It's about finding your gift to the world. To find the job you have to do here. To sing your song, which makes the special sound of your fellow human beings. To find your soul seed. Soul seed? That is what I mean. You have probably heard it many times: you are unique! No one is like you. And just as your "outward appearances" are unique, so are your qualities and abilities that you carry in yourself. You brought a gift to this world. But this gift is not for you - it's a gift you to the other people can pass. And no, I do not necessarily mean how you earn your living. That can be, but not necessarily. The gift you bring to the world is your way of touching other people. It is your quality and ability to deal with situations, to give support, to spread lightness, to put a smile on your face, to be yourself... Your Soul Seed is what your gift to the world is. What your job is here. The taste you can bring to the world. The way you make other people happy, what you all enrich us with. Let me make an example of nature: In nature, a seed lies in the earth, rises and grows to what it is quite simple. The seed contains all the information he needs to develop. This can be eg a rose, a daisy or a marguerite. The marguerites and daisies look outwardly similar and are quite different. Neither of them worries that she would rather be taller, kinder. With a rose, the two do not even compare. All the flowers just stand side by side in the flowerbed and stretch towards the sun. Each one individually and yet together. What if you were one of those flowers? We humans often look outward and want to become something, achieve something and take little account of what we actually are. Yes, you can achieve almost everything. Also very simple. When you follow your natural disposition, your natural flow. That was trained for years. In education. At work. In relationships. Now is the time to rediscover your natural flow. Here are my 4 tips for you on how to implement this in everyday life

1 Take it true.

Take 2 minutes right now. Yes now! Feel how your body feels. Can you feel tension? What feelings are scurrying through your stomach, heart or throat? What is there right now? Arrive at this very moment. All yours. No matter what's going on outside. Treat yourself to these 2 minutes (if you like longer). Do you notice how nice it is to feel your feet on the floor? To perceive the sounds around you, to smell the scents? That's exactly you ! This exercise sounds banal? Try this mindfulness for yourself practicing the next weekday morning, noon and evening for a few minutes. With everything that shows up and then let's talk about it. Look what happens to you. Self-discovery is development. And development is magical. ~ Daniela Polenz

2 What is really important to you?

This question is not about things like "my house, my car, my horse, my family". The question wants to clarify your values. Values can be: trust, love, curiosity, beauty ... values give direction to your life . As soon as you live against your values or in a conflict between two values, you will notice that stress builds up or the body becomes tense. So if you want to get your power, you'll know about your values. I deposit you here a list of values . Take a look and see which five values are most important to you. Are you living her? Do you stand with you? Does this know your environment? Try to integrate as much as possible into your everyday life and let it be there! # 3 Trust yourself. Do you know that voice in your ear that silently whispers something to you , so softly that you almost can not hear it? Which just goes down in your everyday life? Do you know the belly Grumbling that comes when you have a "not so good feeling" in a cause? That belly Grumble, which is there, but with which one can live? And do you know that, too, that there are moments when you tell yourself that I would have listened better to myself or knew that from the beginning ... I hear that voice when i came to Quizlet Live and i understand that I find my place, I find my passion... I find myself… You know, we all have a very good intuition . It's just about trusting it. Since your body is your best seismograph . He will not speak to you in words. Your gut may say "Aaahhh" for a yes and "Mh-Mh" for a no. Your body tells you through a tension Caution! And a sudden thought might show you another solution more appropriate to you. It all works if you trust it yourself and give room to subtle perceptions . So the next time you have concerns and your environment wants to wipe them off with a "Do not be so ...!", Follow your sensations, trust in yourself and look where you are. Allow yourself to be remarkable. When you brake, hide or bend, a verse in the song of our world is missing.

4 Ask your friends.

I would like to come back to the daisy and the marguerite from the beginning. If the marguerite imagines that she desperately wants to be like the daisy, she'll have to bend a bit. In the end, she might look like a daisy that has become too big, but in the heart she is and still is what she is. By the unconditional "wanting to be something else" she loses the sense for herself . And it helps if someone looks at it from the outside. Someone who asks the marguerite why she grows so small and crippled when she could actually stand proud and upright. This someone can be your friends for you. If you really want a clear picture of yourself, ask your oldest friends, family, cousins, cousins and people who have known you for a long time what they think about you. What they see in you and what they appreciate about you. No, it's not about smearing honey around your mouth. It's about honest and honest feedback . So get a new look at yourself. You dare! This is one of the hardest exercises for some, but it is balm for the soul to get such a loving, honest exterior.