• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, almost 2 years ago

    Fantastic work Pablo! It really does seem perfectly targeted to give Eli Schiff a stroke: https://twitter.com/HumansOfFlat/status/1069612914854764544

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    • Account deleted almost 2 years ago

      Imagine being so empty that you have to start a twitter account to make fun of an illustration style. Just imagine.

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      • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 1 year ago

        I'm gonna have to disagree. I argue with Eli all the time (mostly about politics and culture, but also about design) and often disagree with his opinions, but I think we need MORE people like him. We have very little GOOD design criticism in the design world lately. Everyone is so afraid to offend others that all we do is compliment each other or make slightly snarky remarks about trends. That's not real design criticism.

        The reaction that Eli gets from people is so overblown and often absurdly insulting (he's not empty, he just has strong aesthetic views) that it says way more negative things about the design community than it says about him.

        I actually agree with Eli that this illustration style is way overused. I don't think it looks as bad as he does, but it is EVERYWHERE and I think a certain amount of nuance or communication an illustration can provide is lost when it becomes so familiar and repetitive.

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        • Account deleted over 1 year ago

          "We have very little GOOD design criticism in the design world lately"

          I don't think Eli Schiff counts as a good design critic. Using as many words as you can to hide what you're truly saying (or trying to say) is the opposite of good criticism. He is a self-aggrandizing troll.

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          • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 1 year ago

            I disagree that's what he does with the design critiques. I think he does that with his stupid political Tweets, but I find his design criticism quite clear even if I don't agree with it.

            Can you point me to some good design criticism that isn't just another Medium article vaguely alluding to nothingness?

            Imagine people reacted to the classic asshole art, movie, and food critics the way we react to Eli. It would be laughable. The design world has gotten far too thin of a skin.

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            • Account deleted over 1 year ago

              I'm not saying there is a lack of good design critique and i completely agree with you about the design world having thin skin.

              The thing I don't agree with you on is that Das Schiff is a good design critic, but that's just my opinion, so you're free to disagree with it :)

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  • Pablo Stanley, almost 2 years ago

    humaaans hero image

    Hey, friends! I'm pumped to share Humaaans with you—a free library to mix-&-match illustrations of people. You can customize their positions, clothing, colors, and hairstyle to create some cool scenes. You can add backgrounds and use the power of libraries to make it your own

    Some templates

    templates The file contains templates of web landing pages, mobile error-success-empty states, and onboarding flows so you can quickly get started.

    It's available on InVision Studio, which allows you to create some dope animations and tell better stories with prototypes. You can also use the Sketch file to customize the library.

    I can't wait to see all the crazy stuff you create with it.

    I also launched it on Product Hunt. It would be dope if you leave a review or comment there.

    Get it here: https://www.humaaans.com/

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  • Pedro MC FernandesPedro MC Fernandes, almost 2 years ago

    It looks awesome. I see it useful for presentations more than page designs. It's so great AND on trend that everyone will now saturate the market with this library.

    Side note: i just accidentally discovered that you can open/edit sketch files in Adobe XD... Yey!

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    • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, almost 2 years ago

      Yesss! Presentations are a great use case too, Pedro!

      Regarding the market being saturated; I hope that the library is also used as a base so people can put their own spices and materials and make it their own. Maybe the use of libraries inspires other illustrators to create illustration systems to mix-and-match their own stuff.

      I also hope that non-designers or non-illustrators are able to use humaaans to get their ideas off the ground and later hire a professional illustrator when they can afford it. Sometimes is hard to prove the value of illustration to other stakeholders unless you have something in your hands—showing how your product could look with them.

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      • Oliver Swig, almost 2 years ago

        I hope that the library is also used as a base so people can put their own spices and materials and make it their own.

        You know that no one will do this.

        Product designers are notoriously lazy and use kits like this for everything. Graphic designers might actually try to do their own flip but doubtful.

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      • Dustin Dahlberg, almost 2 years ago

        This is exactly what I wanted to do with it. I'm for sure going to go in and make it my own. Thanks so much for making this!!!

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  • Asher SimondsAsher Simonds, almost 2 years ago

    Filling clothes and other elements with patterns, textures, and even photos is a quick way to give these characters a little more depth and individuality. Stand out from the crowd!

    Humaaans pattern example

    Direct link

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  • Ariel VerberAriel Verber, almost 2 years ago

    Pablo is da man :) 'Avataaars' helped me nail a client presentation once.

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    • Pablo Stanley, almost 2 years ago

      No wayyyy, really, Ariel? That makes me so happy. I'm glad the library helped a bit. And I'm sure it wasn't only the use of avataaars ;)

      I hope the humaaans illustrations help you nail more presentations in the future <3

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, almost 2 years ago

    hey heads up your site is getting blocked at work for a security issue with your https cert I think.

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    • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, almost 2 years ago

      Waaa... that sucks. Does it still block it? Is this common in your workplace? Any more info might help me solve the issue. Thanks for letting me know, Jonathan <3

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  • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, almost 2 years ago

    You nailed it, buddy!!!!

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  • Thiago Duarte, almost 2 years ago

    Great work, Pablo.

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  • Vipul. MishraVipul. Mishra, almost 2 years ago

    Another amazing work from @Pablo.. Take a bow.

    Also, why not build XD library too.. :P :)

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  • Julian H, almost 2 years ago

    Clever use of symbols! Love it.

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  • Rik RoukensRik Roukens, almost 2 years ago

    This is why I read Designernews! Awesome job!

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  • Svanhild EggeSvanhild Egge, almost 2 years ago

    I ❤️ it! Thank you!

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  • Bevan StephensBevan Stephens, almost 2 years ago

    These are fantastic, well done!

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