Simplifying Client Communication - How?

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Hi DN community and relentless spambots!

I have a question for you all:

How do you currently communicate with your design clients and what don't you like about it?

I was finding I was frustrated with sharing progress and receiving feedback from my design + development clients primarily via e-mail and late last year and early this year I created a product to try to solve the problem which I think has missed the mark (I won't share here because of spam etc).

My existing users love the idea of sharing "high level" progress and future plans with their clients without having to expose the client to the nitty gritty project management tools that they use internally but I know there's more to the story (and my retention numbers would suggest the same!)

So how do you currently manage client communication and what do you hate about it?


  • Antoine Lord, 3 years ago

    For me, email is the simplest way to share progress and communicate with my clients most of the time. When I feel that email is not a good way to communicate certain things, I call them on the phone or via video call. When it's very important, I meet them in person.

    I don't want to introduce a new tool only to communicate with my client.

    If your communication skills are good enough, you can use any app.

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    • , 3 years ago

      I agree with you completely Antoine, email tends to be more than enough nearly all the time.

      Do you mind sharing how you handle feedback cycles and milestone sign-offs with your clients (if you have any)?

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  • Jason Spidle, 3 years ago

    I haven't yet had an opportunity to use it but Tapwater looks really nice and it seems to meet most of your needs.

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  • Account deleted 3 years ago

    For me I use Invision, Email, Facebook Messenger and Slack. It really depends on the client. Some are already using slack, others have no idea what it is. It'd be great if there was one central place to do all this. I guess the closest thing I can think to this is invision in comment mode, but for the less tech-minded clients I don't really want to have to introduce something like that to them, just to work with me.

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    • , 3 years ago

      Thanks for that Todd.

      I've found that having less tech-savvy clients log in to yet another piece of software is not the answer either, it creates yet another barrier to entry. I think there are some novel ways around that issue though.

      Are you primarily using those tools for feedback that prompts new iterations of work or simply for progress updates or a combination?

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