Product Feedback Request

16 days ago from , Product Growth Specialist

I am Saif and I am into product management and strategy at LambdaTest and sometimes the path to a product management can seem daunting.

I am seeking new ideas and help in taking our product to next level. I am trying to define a version 2 for our product and come up with unpredictably exciting ideas that are non-existent.

I am here to see if anyone could help me with some ideas!

So, LambdaTest [www.lambdatest.com](www.lambdatest.com ) is a cross browser platform and we started a year ago and currently, we have around 30K users. We launched the first version which helps users to test their web applications on a combination of 2000+ OS & Browser versions. The areas I am seeking some ideas are into how to expand its features set which can make it viral. I would appreciate if you could give it a spin and help me with your feedback and thoughts!