How do you collaborate and share your design in your company?

6 months ago from , Lead Designer @ MEOM

Backstory: I lead our design team at MEOM. We're a small (+20 ppl) product agency in Finland. We build ideas into products and focus on validating Product/Market Fit. And we have a very cross-disciplinary team from marketing, design to tech. I'm thinking now how to make our design collaboration process better.

We have Wake for uploading and commenting design. Wake integrates to Slack.

We have design lunches where we share our insights from the latest projects. As a company, we share our milestones, success and fails every Monday. Plus inside projects, we have standups and retros ofc.

My challenge is: How to encourage and involve people to collaborate on design process over project teams?

What's your (and your company) setup and way of sharing?