• renato campanarenato campana, 10 months ago

    There was a hi-5 wave around the office after we tested it. Thank you, so much!

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  • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, 10 months ago

    Thank you so very much. I haven't come around to test it out yet, but this is a really important feature to have.

    To add something of value to this comment: please add the possibility to have the padding set to an arbitrary amount (x, as it was in Paddy). This way we don't have to add empty bounding boxes and it would allow for some really cool possibilities with differently sized chatboxes, for example.

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  • Account deleted 10 months ago

    congrats to anima team. both creating such a useful solution for the world's most buggiest app. that must be a huge challenge.

    and a huge boo to sketch team because this should be native feature from the beginning.

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  • Jason Kanzler, 10 months ago

    this is the best thing that has happened to sketch yet. so awesome

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