• Sacha GreifSacha Greif, 3 years ago

    Ironically, their site is not server-side rendered, doesn't have a <title> tag and has very few meta tags. I guess it's a case of do as I say, not as I do…

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 3 years ago

      Test driven development! Gotta write those tests first. :P

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    • Michael McKeeverMichael McKeever, 3 years ago

      Mirrors that ex-google guy's twitter thread/rant thing the other week where he said that Google prioritises shipping over everything else, because shipping = promotions.

      Whether that's true or not, who knows but not even a title tag, cmon Goog!

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      • John PJohn P, 3 years ago

        Think this is more just web devs getting so deep into framework soup that they don't even look at what is actually coming out the other end.

        I know a lot of devs I work these days don't seem very phased that their web apps spew literally hundreds of errors to the console when you load them.

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      • Account deleted 3 years ago

        As someone who has worked for google (in an agency) I can say this is not true at all.

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    • Nick PfistererNick Pfisterer, 3 years ago

      It appears they do have a title tag. I wonder if someone frantically added it in the 9 hours since you made this comment?

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  • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, 3 years ago

    Looks like Google gets better in their own material design specs following :))

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    • Ken Em, 3 years ago

      I still wish they'd ease up on mixing Product Sans and Roboto. This is basic design 101 stuff. The former is also a lousy choice for a UI typeface and they've started forcing it into their apps.

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