What tool did you used in your company to share a Design System internally?

12 months ago from , Product Designer

I designed the Design System of my current company with Sketch and I'm using Zeplin to share it to others, but Zeplin needs invitation and Sketch a program license, so they're not enough. We don't have a pattern library yet (the code side of the design system), so people who are not designers can't really make use of the design system. Which tool would you recommend to share a design system internally, so that people can refer to it?


  • Zhaoli Jin, 12 months ago

    Figma. It requires no extension, free for individual use and accessible with single link.

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    • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, 12 months ago

      +1 Figma. I originally used Sketch + Zeplin + InVision DSM + Confluence, but I bit the bullet and converted it all to Figma. In retrospect, it was well worth the effort, because otherwise it was a synching nightmare.

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      • Account deleted 12 months ago

        yeah too many tools mate. even reading all of them gave me a slight heart attack. I'm also considering to switch to figma but I'm kinda skeptical with the symbol -oh sorry 'component' based symbols.

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  • Account deleted 12 months ago


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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 12 months ago

    I'm building a design systems site for our team with Vuepress. Ideally it will contain both working code samples and direct-embeds of frames from Figma. Haven't figured out the best way to have it share a stylesheet with our main web app yet, but I'll get there.

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  • Vinod PillaiVinod Pillai, 12 months ago

    To get started: https://plasterdesignsystem.comhttps://lucid.style/

    To share: https://zeroheight.comhttps://www.lingoapp.com

    To keep updated: https://www.goabstract.com

    To keep updated with Github: http://mathieudutour.github.io

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  • Jason FestaJason Festa, 12 months ago

    Great question!

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  • Jason FestaJason Festa, 12 months ago

    Julia, I am about to release a product that helps solve this problem. Would you like early access?, would love your thoughts!

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 12 months ago

    So you want to share a design system without invitation into a tool that provides functionalities around design systems? O_o

    You can try to achieve that with Sketch Cloud, maybe? But i would strongly recommend Zeplin, Sympli or similar applications. Because they will hold your one and only truth.

    Thing is you will need to update the system. So it makes sense to have one truth, that might be Zeplin, Sketch or something else. But i wouldn't recommend another system that holds your Design System also. You will need to take care of them both. Which one is the recent state? Why is this or that not in it? Where will i find the latest assets, and so on...

    Instead of following the wishes of these people i would recommend to invite them into your eco-system. The reason is simple tell them my thougts above. A Zeplin account is free so you can invite how many people you want (I think).

    They should register once and its done. Or. You will update both systems for the next couple of months, what is more effective?

    Maybe i can help way more if you help me to understand why?

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    • Julia Rosich, 12 months ago

      Maintaining Sketch and Zeplin is already a lot for every update, so you're probably right. Thanks

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  • Michael Woodruff, 12 months ago

    Frontify https://frontify.com/

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