• Tony GinesTony Gines, 11 days ago

    Nope. Webflow is pretty great

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  • Lee Fuhr, 11 days ago

    I mean, for what? For creating a low-fi prototype, which you could certainly do in Webflow… sure. For creating a functional, performant, pixel-perfect, responsive site backed by a CMS (and soon with eComm capabilities) without having to write code… nope, not that I've seen. Webflow is bananas.

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  • Andrew Hersh, 11 days ago

    You'd have to be way more specific. As far as one tool that does everything Webflow does, nope.

    But there are others tools that do PARTS of what Webflow does. Pinegrow comes to mind.

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    • Dexter W, 11 days ago

      I use both. Nothing seems to be as fast as Webflow, nor is anything remotely close to Interactions 2.0. Webflow is pretty far ahead of anyone else.

      Where Pinegrow is stronger is touching code directly, the components feature is much more like what designers think of components (as opposed to symbols).

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  • Ryan Hicks, 11 days ago

    Yep. Maybe not feature for feature but similar.


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  • Sérgio Oliveira, 9 days ago

    Hi! Actually there is. And much powerful in some areas, like data filtering, pagination, multi language support, user filtering, user sorts, custom breakpoints, reusable modules, content blocks for a rich CMS experience. and ....

    not only creates responsive websites but also designs and deploys native apps for iOS and Android.

    It's called Bondlayer > https://www.bondlayer.com (I'm the CTO)

    It's under the radar because so far we only worked with enterprise customers (like Vodafone and other large companies), that's why we focused on all the hard stuff first ( that I mentioned above ), but we do plan to open to a broader audience really soon. We are now improving the UX of the tool to make it easy for beginners. to use this advanced features.

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  • George Brown, 11 days ago


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  • Dragan BabicDragan Babic, 11 days ago

    We've been using Oxygen builder for WordPress lately and honestly, I don't plan to do another corporate/marketing website any other way. What used to take us 60 days before in regards to the design and build-out, now takes us 1/3 of that time to launch a website.

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    • Vasiliy LeytmanVasiliy Leytman, 10 days ago

      How it’s better from other page builders for Wordpress? Is it possible to take a pretty complex layout from Photoshop/Sketch, and fully make it work with Oxygen, pixel-perfectly? Does it have any animation possibilities?

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      • Dragan BabicDragan Babic, 10 days ago

        I've only tried using one but can't remember the name, the most popular one. It was a horrible experience. Oxygen works much like Webflow, and is essentially a GUI for your CSS editing, plus many useful shortcuts.

        If you can do something in raw HTML, you can do it in Oxygen, this goes for animations as well because you can use any library you want, or you code your own. But it doesn't offer any fancy stuff out of the box apart from sticky headers, carousels, and fixed background images IIRC.

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        • Vasiliy LeytmanVasiliy Leytman, 9 days ago

          I thought the main point for any builder, like WebFlow, is getting rid of making something with "raw HTML" ;) sure I can do anything with raw HTML, but seems like WebFlow allows to make pretty any kind of layout without ever touching CSS or HTML, just by manipulating stuff visually and by setting properties. Same for animation. So looks like Oxygen is not yet comparable to WebFlow. I don't advocate WebFlow, pricing for Oxygen seems really interesting, but looks like for cases where you need a small landing page/few pages project that's pretty complex visually, it's better to use WebFlow, not WordPress/Oxygen.

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          • Dragan BabicDragan Babic, 9 days ago

            I meant that you can add anything that's missing through raw HTML. Otherwise it is the same as Webflow.

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        • Lenny TerenziLenny Terenzi, 8 days ago

          Oxygen is nothing like Webflow IMO. Webflow blows it away in ease of use, updating. Pretty much everything. It is in a league of its own.

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  • Jorge MartinsJorge Martins, 11 days ago

    https://readymag.com/ is similar in what regards to layout creation/freedom directly to code.

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  • Andrew Nicoletta, 11 days ago

    Not really. Webflow has become so popular because they are leading the way in creating their own category of CMS.

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  • Shea LewisShea Lewis, 11 days ago

    Depends? Squarespace maybe... if your looking for something a bit more simple.

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  • Nick Orland, 10 days ago

    Readymag for sure, just look at this: https://readymag.com/explore/ For some reason, 90% of websites made in Webflow are identical, typical "bootstrap syndrome". Also, Blocs https://blocsapp.com/ is doing great (but it's also "Bootstrapy":)).

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  • Lenny TerenziLenny Terenzi, 8 days ago

    Yes! Webflow. Saying a good alternative is implying that Webflow is not good and I would love to hear any argument that could prove that.

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  • Juan Gomez AlzagaJuan Gomez Alzaga, 8 days ago

    Webflow is the answer. Why are you looking for alternatives? What is not working for you?

    PS: You'll be hearing a lot from this later: http://shift.studio/

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    • Filip Basara, 6 days ago

      CMS locked behind a subscription which is horrendous for handing off the site to a client, applying styles is very time consuming, I want my sites to scale but webflow is not made for that.

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  • Karen BernsKaren Berns, 8 days ago

    https://readymag.com/ This one is inditical to WebFlow

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