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    Overall it seems pretty nice but a few things seem a bit odd to me:

    The emojis on the categories is pretty cool, but the section under it's owl and rocket emoji are a bit much. It's not really adding anything, while adding visual complexity

    The twitter and facebook links could be placed on the other side's column with the other contact details

    The support us with a coffee box has super prominent placement, which implies that that is one of your top priorities (maybe it is?) but it just seems weird having it in such prime real estate

    Email signup has more pointless emoji, and i think the owl picture is kinda unnecessary

    The 'hot links' have no context - why are they hot? Are they good, are they paying you to advertise

    Overall this seems like a pretty nice site, but my impression of it is that you're building a platform so at some point you can host ads, which there is nothing wrong with, but it makes me doubt the sincerity of what you're posting, which kind of makes me not want to visit. Maybe i'm reading too much into it but thats the vibe I get. But yeah, overall it's a really nice site and the content itself is really good.

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    Hi everyone I am Piotr from Owwly.

    I am thrilled to introduce our new digital project for designers. Space where product matters!

    Get inspired by browsing Feed tab - all great works from popular websites like Behance, Dribbble, Medium in one place. If you need to find top-notch digital product - pick the Products tab. Categories will facilitate your choice.

    Any feedback warmly welcome :)

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