• , 4 months ago

    Hello People! Inspired on WeDeploy's homepage, I've just published this open source library to help others creating beautiful animations for code samples. Projects like https://nodecron.com/ are already using it.

    Any feedback will be very welcome. I hope you like it.

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    • Will ChristmanWill Christman, 4 months ago

      I tried to custom edit the demo and it just didn't work. When I click preview the screen is white. I'm on the latestChrome on OSX. I thought the hello world demo looked really good though!

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      • , 4 months ago

        humm.. very weird. I make edits here and that's working fine. It's interesting to note that if the edited code is malformed or has any syntax issue, it won't work. Could you please paste your code here? So, I may trying to help you with this :)

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