Famo.us Studio - are there similar Sketch/AdobeXD-to-working code tools available?

3 years ago from , York University

Here's the link: https://famous.co/

I'm looking for a tool that makes creation of mini web magazines easy. I'd create the mockup in Sketch/Adobe XD and set up click areas, page links, and transitions. Famo.us used to be a JS framework for making pretty mobile websites with native-like animations and transitions, and they've since moved on to creating a SaaS WYSIWIG product (Studio) that looks really good for what I'm looking to do.

Only issue right now is that the product is still in beta, and I don't have access yet. There might be other "vendor lock-in" stuff in the product as well, like absence of "export code" functionality that might make it easier to involve devs to make custom changes.

Are there any similar tools that achieve this kind of functionality. All recommendations welcome. By the way, I have tried Samsara.js, which was built by one of the original Famo.us engineers, but it hasn't been updated in over 2 years.