• Ken Em, 2 years ago

    More blog spam by this company reported.

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    • Andrew Askins, 2 years ago

      My bad, I wasn't trying to spam. I post a blog post every week, or every other week to Designer News. I only post articles I think are interesting and high quality. The rules say self-promotion is allowed within reason, but if the community feels like I'm overdoing it then I'll chill out.

      As a small company though, it can be really hard to get your stuff out there, and this has been one of the few places where we've been able to do that over the years.

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      • James LaneJames Lane, 2 years ago

        Hi Andrew,

        You are at risk of being banned for excessive self promotion. Whilst you have acknowledged it above, please post articles that aren’t neccessarily self promotion.

        I know it’s hard to gain traction as a small company, but you may get that traction if you are seen to be actively engaging with the community rather than just promoting yourself.

        Please read up on the Community Guidelines

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