Portfolio Review Request

almost 5 years ago from , astrit.co

Hi Every one,

I have been working on this portfolio and I tried to make it a little bit more fancy also high performing on the same time just to showcase different skills .

I did integrate some special interactions for example on portfolio If you type on keyboard " O " it will activate options such as camera motion from your webcam and voice detection .

Please try it and wave your hand left and right and see the action or voice command such as "go to work", "go to home", "go to blog", "open" to open menu etc.

SEO & Mobile were main focus as results scores high score on Google Page Speed also is PWA test it on your iOS device add it on home screen from safari it works even offline check video: https://a.st/pwa.mp4

Mobile version DOM is quite different from the desktop one due to the fact that for SEO ranking factor is mobile first so hard refresh if inspecting.

I do own the domain "a.st" which redirects to "astrit.co" so let me know if you think if I should keep "a.st" as main domain.

I used WordPress with custom meta boxes as Back-End and no framework.

The link: https://a.st

I appreciate your feedback.