• Ken Em, 22 hours ago


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    • Andrei Bernovski, 22 hours ago

      Nope as in - you are doing things differently? :)

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      • Andrew C, 19 hours ago

        I think what Ken is getting at is this is the antithesis of an agile development process. Everything from being handed a brief by a client (instead of researching and authoring one together), to planning out a big design spec before building (rather than pair designing), to the "project execution phase" being separate from a "design phase" (instead of having design, dev, and others work together on problems to foster a culture of design thinking) is based on a waterfall style of management. Waterfall tends to have issues delivering software that actually translates to good outcomes for users (or customers).

        Project management (including sponsors, WSBs, and time duration planning) has its uses, but software development usually isn't one of them.

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