Does anyone use iPad 12 inch for User Interface or Interface Illustrations? If so, please guide me?

8 months ago from , UX Designer @helloworldev.com / Curator @UXHunt.com

Fellow Designers,

I got an iPad 12 inch because I have always been into art and drawing but ever since I got into UI and UX I felt I skipped everything I grew up with and got into grids and typography. I want to go back to my roots and start sketching -> iPad vectors using Affinity Designer but somehow I am not getting a hold of it. I know its more flexible but I would like your point of view on how you use it and how I can start.

My main focus - Sketch on paper for logos, illustrations and concepts - Move into iPad to vector it - Travel with it for 1 month to Bali to get better on my illustration craft (not carry my Mac so I force myself to get better on what I want to rather than jumping into Figma or Illustrator)

Hope I can get some help!


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  • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 8 months ago

    i use affinity on my mac, but i found it doesn't really translate well to the iPad. i prefere vectornator pro for vector work on the iPad, but i find myself using clip studio the most for illustrations (im more an illustrator with no ui/ux focus...)

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