Need some advice: UX user research with Doctors

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Hi guys,

me and a friend want to build a new web product in the private healthcare industry, which on one side will help patients to book affordable doctor appointments and on the other side it will help doctors get more patients. A sort of a ZocDoc but with a twist.

As I am in charge of design, I'd like to do some UX user research with doctors, as this is the area where we have the most unverified assumptions. None of us is a doctor or know any doctors, so we are just assuming what would be useful for them.

We already have a live prototype with some medium to high fidelity mockups.

How do you think I should go about recruiting doctors for user research? As we all know, doctors are usually super busy and their time costs big money.

Is our only option to call them up, book an appointment and just do our interviews? We'll end up spending a fortune :)

I am not very creative and not very experienced with user research anyway.

I was wondering if any of you had experience with this or with other types of "high paid" professions, not so easy to find.

Thanks a lot for your help!