• Luke Bugbee, 10 months ago

    Using the same color scheme in the logo, buttons, and illustrations removes all sense of hierarchy and my eyes had no idea where to go when I first landed on the page! That said, if the colors are adjusted things look pretty nice :)

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  • Account deleted 10 months ago

    Looks pretty nice but there is no hierarchy in the type or illustrations. Everything jumps out at you at once. And that swelling CTA button is super distracting.

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  • Andrew Hersh, 10 months ago

    Do you not know what your pricing is going to be yet?

    I have zero interest in implementing something this far-reaching if you're going to drop a costbomb on me at some point.

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    • , 10 months ago

      Hi Andrew, don't worry, there will be Free plan plus paid plans per # of users, but not higher than others are offering. Cheers!

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