Is there a web-based compatibility checker or directory for Sketch updates?

over 2 years ago from , Director of Design at Whiteboard.is

My tool stack is deeply integrated with Sketch at this point: between sharing work with Invision's Craft Sync, managing + storing all my design files in Abstract, and a gaggle of plugins [Runner, Paddy 2, Rename It...and too many more to name], and prototyping tools like Principle, my secondary tools' compatibility with the latest Sketch update has become super important. (And I don't think I'm isolated in this.)

But, as far as I can tell—there's no easy way to quickly determine what's going to work and what's going to break without skimming Twitter, various Github repos, and individual org's release notes.

So. Would love to be pointed towards this if it exists—and if it doesn't, I'd love to design something with a few folks to solve for this.