• Jerry Hoglen, 3 years ago

    That text on the black background is straining my eyes in like 2 seconds of reading.

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  • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, 3 years ago

    I remember seeing this link on designernew, but it is a good thing to see it again..!

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  • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, 3 years ago

    well, that was refreshing!

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  • Gary Simon, 3 years ago

    Almost impossible to use with a scroll wheel. And to answer the initial question, "Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.", is due to the flavor of economic ideas that HuffPo advocates.

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    • Andrew Hersh, 3 years ago

      Disagreeing with the Echo Chamber?

      That's a downvotin'!

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    • Gaven Rank, 5 months ago

      I studying the Great Depression period and I still notice a lot of trends. I hope people come to the senses and refuse to return to that time. That's why I read several pretty fun pieces, for example, you can also view linked here The other day. Or refresh your memory, you can learn a lot. Perhaps at least that will help us understand what we can do.

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  • , 3 years ago


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  • A B, 3 years ago

    Creative design and great execution. Smooth as butter on my MBP 2020 edition.

    I bet all the moaners here are millennials anyway /s

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  • stephen fstephen f, 3 years ago

    "We still haven’t learned to code"

    ha, cheeky!

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  • Brittany Smart, 3 years ago

    I'm screwed...

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  • nancy hugo, 3 years ago
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