• Evan MacAlpineEvan MacAlpine, over 1 year ago

    Nice. Just thinking about doing some concrete kitchen counter tops and this is really helpful!

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  • Sean FitzmartinSean Fitzmartin, over 1 year ago

    Really cool! Hopefully I have a chance to use it on projects in the future.

    One piece of feedback. I didn't realize the calculation results was a window below the button, I spent longer than I care to admit clicking calculate without scrolling down to see the results window

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    • Robert Y, over 1 year ago

      Great Feedback! Admittedly that bother me too, but it was Monday and it was time to just put it out to the word before I return to the project on Saturday and tune it up a bit. Thank you, Sean!

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  • Cameron GettyCameron Getty, over 1 year ago

    Wish I could knock something this cool out in a weekend!

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  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, over 1 year ago

    I'd be lucky to knock something like this out in a month.

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