Time-lapse Design videos on Youtube

11 months ago from , Designer — dribbble.com/alex

Hi all. I have started posting some time-lapsed videos on YouTube on designing different UIs.I am aware that this is not an original project but maybe it will help someone. I always find it fascinating to see others work so I thought this will help others too.



Still figuring things out, so feedback is welcomed. Let me know what you like or dislike and what would make you want to come back.

Voiceovers etc have been suggested however I want to keep things simple for now.


  • James LaneJames Lane, 11 months ago


    • Name layers
    • Use symbols (big feature of Sketch!)
    • Use the anima layout plugin
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    • Alex MarinAlex Marin, 11 months ago

      Hey James, thanks for that. Yes I am slowly trying to integrate those as I go. I wanted to keep things short and sweet so naming layers/groups and using symbols didn't seem necessary at this point. I also had an outcome set in my head and didn't want to end up breaking the flow in the videos.

      Anima is pretty sweet! Thanks

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