How do you create community in your design team?

over 1 year ago from , Product Designer

Hey everyone! I'm curious how you create community within your design teams? Where I work the designers are embedded inside of software development teams for projects. Which is great for projects but everyone tends to get busy and the design team doesn't get much time together.

We do have weekly meetings as a product design team but are considering updating the format. Most people hate meetings, and the typical status update style has gotten pushback.

How does your Design team share what your working on? How do you create community with designers when your spread onto different projects. Have you found something better than the weekly status update?

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  • Jess EddyJess Eddy, over 1 year ago

    Hi! This is a great question and an interesting scenario.

    What do you do at your weekly meetings?

    Have you considered doing a show and tell for the work you're doing inside each software development team?

    Eating food together comes to mind as a good community building exercise and I believe that an important and often overlooked underlying thread is one on one bonding and communication (coffee dates) with a different few people each week.

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