Phase Mag Issue #5 — { Patterns, Process and People }

almost 3 years ago from , Co-Founder @ Phase

Hey guys! We've just published the Issue #5 of Phase Magazine:

Designer’s Guide to Berlin — everything you need to know about Berlin's creative ecosystem.

What’s The Design Sprint 2.0? — an exclusive podcast interview with Brittni Bowering from AJ&Smart + a written summary.

Usability Of Forms by Pratik Hedge — a great guide on designing better forms.

Hope you enjoy! :)

P.S. Few Phase Magazine pieces got re-posted here at DN last week by someone in our user community. We don't want to flood the feed here in any way, and will ask the community members not to republish individual pieces in the future. Our apologies if that looked spammy or promotional!


  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, almost 3 years ago

    Vlad, we apprecite your concern for flooding the DN feed, however you are still treading too close to the line of excessive self promotion with your posts. You are welcome in this community, but we do not accept self-promotion at this level.

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    • , almost 3 years ago

      Thanks, Daniel! Again, apologizes about that. I'm taking your concern very seriously, and will further on try to post only most relevant and least self-promoting content on DN.

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