Need Help - Adding a video to portfolio site

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Hello everyone -

Today I spend the better part of the day trying to figure out different video formats and what's the best way to put a video on my site. My goal is to film a smooth scroll of a live site and then using After Effects to mockup it up in a little browser so it looks nice. After many failed attempts at getting the video to not be grainy and a decent size, I have decided to ask for help.

My current workflow is: 1) Film the site using ScreenFlow and scrolling using my two fingers. Very frustrating so I'm open to suggestions if you have some. 2) I then export the file into a high-quality mp4 file or what I think is a high-quality file. I export at 30 fps / daterate:1200 / H.264 with no scaling. The preset in ScreenFlow is Web - High, not sure if that helps. 3) Mockup it up using After Effects then render it using the default settings. 4) Convert it to a .webm file using Miro Video Converter.

If anyone has any suggestions about which programs to use to get a high quality and small(er) video files I would really appreciate it. My skill set is not in video and Googleing the problem doesn't seem to provide the answers I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time -



  • Carlos Morano, over 1 year ago

    I use freevideoconverter for this

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    • , over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the reply! I actually found what I needed to do. I didn't find anything specific for your suggestion but Miro Video Converter is really nice.

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