• Gjermund Gustavsen, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Pretty much every time tracker we’ve tried are built for managers, so we're taking a different approach. Ding is made for people like ourselves — designers & developers — that operates in small teams or freelance.

    We'd love to get your feedback.

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  • Falko JosephFalko Joseph, almost 7 years ago

    A lot of great productivity web apps lately! Love it! Definitely giving this a try. :)

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  • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, almost 7 years ago

    That looks super nice, but every time I see yet another time tracking, invoicing, or project management app I wonder if there really is a need for yet another solution to those problems.

    Then again, there's a lot of restaurants around yet people keep opening new ones. So maybe I'm wrong :)

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    • Gjermund Gustavsen, almost 7 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

      Well, we believed we could make a product that's better and more focused than the others out there — especially for freelancers and teams of our size (two). That kind of ambition, paired with execution, is always welcome in my book.

      More and more people are able to go freelance with just a laptop and a bright mind these days, so I'd be happy to see people making better tools aimed at these guys.

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  • ポール ウェッブポール ウェッブ, almost 7 years ago

    I like how the screenshots in the App Store has a non-English keyboard, that's neat.

    Even though I work for a startup, I also do work on the side. This could come in handy.

    I'll sign up and send you an email! (;

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  • Thomas BjerringThomas Bjerring, almost 7 years ago

    I'll swap my test results for a promo code! ;-)

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  • Al HaighAl Haigh, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Looks awesome. Does Ding have a desktop timer thingy? This is the one reason I utilise Harvest (which doesn't have a very nice web app)

    edit - I just read the above comment. I do get your reasons why not to include it, but I kind of need a timer

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    • Gjermund Gustavsen, almost 7 years ago

      This seems to be on many people's wishlist, so we'll consider making one. For now, have a stab at Eon (w/ Ding integration) and see if it helps you out: fuelcollective.com/eon

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  • Will FroelichWill Froelich, almost 7 years ago

    I need a native menu bar app to toggle my time or the time tracking tool is a non-starter for me.

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  • Bram DevriesBram Devries, almost 7 years ago

    You're advertising this as a time tracker, yet the only way to "track" is by entering it manually after you've done it. Or am I totally missing the bit where you press a button and it starts tracking for you?

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    • Gjermund Gustavsen, almost 7 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

      When we use the term 'time tracking', it's about keeping track of your working hours over time — longer than you can remember. You're right that there's no start/stop feature, and this is by design. It's the kind of thing we think sounds better in theory than in actual use. When you start a timer, all kinds of things can mess this up. You spend an hour on the phone with another client while your timer is still running, you forget to turn it off when you leave your desk for the night, etc etc. It just seems like there's too many cases where it actually works against you rather than with you, and that's why we've left it out of the product. Also, I personally get stressed by knowing that the meter is constantly running.

      Having said that, you're not the first who's asked, so who knows.

      EDIT: We've now implemented a timer :)

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