• Jordan Little, 5 years ago

    Another one of my favorite productivity apps acquired and shut down. This is one my biggest pet peeves about the tech industry. It doesn't matter how many people have rearranged their digital lives in order to use an application – another company can just buy it and shut it down whenever they want. Drives me crazy.

    RIP Mailbox

    RIP Sunrise for Mac

    RIP Sparrow

    RIP Astro

    What's your preferred email client? I'm on the lookout now…

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  • Darren Treat, 5 years ago

    Why the heck is this kind of stuff not illegal? Like "I'm gonna buy my competitor and shut them down" is the definition of anti-competitive practices.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 5 years ago

    ouch. that's not much notice.

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  • Brandon SoubaBrandon Souba, 5 years ago

    I worked at Dropbox when we shut down Mailbox. We loved it internally - I just don't know if there is many ways you can monetize considering gMail / Outlook own the market.

    This sounds more like Astro "failed" (couldn't raise more $$ due to poor growth) and Slack acqui-hired the team. I wouldn't hold your breath for a Slack email client.

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  • Stan Marsh, 5 years ago

    This is exciting. I hope the slack team can make emails and slack work in concert.

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