New Features for your User Flows!

almost 3 years ago from , CEO at FlowMapp

Hey Designers!

We just launched a huge update of our app and website.


Here's what's new:

  1. Labels. There are 2 types of Labels now – System (basic) and Labels created in Projects. System Labels are created and edited in a profile, they can be applied to all Projects. When the Label changed in the profile, it updated in all the Projects. Labels created in the Project are not displayed in other Projects.
  2. Multilabels. Now you can apply several Labels on one Page. In order to apply this feature, you need to open the Page description, select the drop-down list of Labels and edit (create, change, delete) the required one.
  3. Color Picker. We know that many of you feel lack of custom colors. Now, in addition to the basic colors, you can create your own, using a color picker feature. This function was added for Labels, and for all UF elements.
  4. New shapes in User Flow.
  5. External Links. In the description of the pages, a new field was added — Link. You can specify an external link to the relevant page on the current or future website. After adding a link an icon will appear to the page cover.
  6. Internal links. The text editor has the ability to insert links to internal pages FlowMapp’s Sitemap or User Flow tool.
  7. People. Look through all dates of the last login of your collaborators or teammates.

Check it out: FlowMapp.com

What is FlowMapp? Online tool for creating visual sitemaps and user flows that helps you to effectively design and plan user experience.

Any feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!