Would you benefit with an availability widget on your website?

over 1 year ago from , Designer

I'm thinking of building a widget that you can paste into any website (Your portfolio) which allows you to control and display your availability to work through the following weeks. It will integrate with your calendar (google, outlook etc) and you can update your availability by blocking out time within the selected calendar.

This that something that companies / freelancers would benefit from?

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  • Jess EddyJess Eddy, over 1 year ago

    Hmm. Well, I'd want potential clients to contact me regardless of my schedule. Unless I was just completely fully booked for weeks or months. Part of the freelancing is the art of scheduling and finessing the start time of projects. I.e. even if I'm busy now by the time it takes to scope a project and write the contracts I could be freed up.

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