Adobe Illustrator performance

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Hi everyone,

I know that everyone praises AI for its performance regarding working with big files but lately I noticed that working with files that have many artboards, the performance drops considerably.

What's your approach when it comes to editing files that have a lot of artboards. My target is to have a decent performance in AI when I have 150+ artboards. To give you a little more insight into my use case: I have a file where we store all the badges for my company's employees. Soon we'll pass the 150 (if we didn't already pass it) so I'd like to have everybody in the same file.

What the file has: name, position, picture, and artwork as a background for each artboard. What we are currently testing: having the photos in a PSD file and using the Creative Cloud library to include them in the AI file. Before that, we had the pictures included in the AI file, so I think that was one of the major reason why Illustrator was so slow. The reason we included the pictures in the file is that we're three people that work on the same file. Also, we'll try to use symbols for the static artwork.

So, what is your approach? Looking forward to hearing about your workflow. Thank you!


  • John PJohn P, over 2 years ago

    Can't use it at all anymore, GPU vector rendering in RGB mode has been broken on 13" USB-C MacBook Pros for almost a year now.

    Adobe blames Apple so wont fix their stuff and clearly Apple doesn't care but I personally think it' s more likely to be Adobes fault because no other GPU accelerated app I use broke.

    Can't believe I pay so much money for software the company doesn't even try to support.

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    • Remus Baltariu, over 2 years ago

      Thank you, John, for taking your time to reply. What else do you use for vector/print work? Have you ever tried any of the Affinity products?

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