• Toni GemayelToni Gemayel, 11 days ago

    the Figma team ships at such an impressive rate.

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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 11 days ago

    Figma was already very performant for me, so it's awesome they can take it even further. Loading a file was one of the slower parts, so it's nice that they made it so much faster.

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  • Kip HolcombKip Holcomb, 10 days ago

    This is nice, but frankly I'm still uninterested until some modern, critical layout tools are added like native Stacks, Percentage and Fractional unit support (see Framer X), automatically-growing containers with maintained padding (like the Paddy plugin for Sketch but native), Flexbox and CSSGrid-like tools to help with designs that can adapt to screen size and orientation, etc.

    You know, things that we actually desperately need as designers for 100% of our work in 2018. Prototyping and animations are simply not as important, and it frustrates me to see so many new design tools spending time on those things when we don't have basic functionality in our design tools that HTML could handle 25 years ago.

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    • Cory Williams, 10 days ago

      Sounds like you're better off designing with code with some of those requirements. I'm not sure the wider design community is clambering over a need for those, I do see the need, but it's not a deal breaker for me when putting together layouts.

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      • Philip A, 10 days ago

        I agree but I also think design tools should evolve to cater for these workflows more natively (like where https://hadron.app/ is heading).

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      • Kip HolcombKip Holcomb, 6 days ago

        I disagree. Figma and other screen design tools that we use are meant for a specific medium, and most of them still do not cover the basic behaviors of that medium. It's unacceptable.

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  • Michael KingeryMichael Kingery, 10 days ago

    The footnote says

    [1]: We announced this win last year, but truly realizing it has been a journey involving discussion with the Chrome WebAssembly team, diving into their compiler source, finding workarounds to dodge compiler deadlocks, and contributing patches to Electron to backport Chrome GPU bug fixes.

    So it sounds like the 3x figure was from then - but they never mention specific improvements between a year ago and now...

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    • , 10 days ago

      Hey Michael, I'm Figma's editor. We enabled WebAssembly for the first time last year, but as that footnote mentioned, we invested a lot of time in recent months fixing bugs and working closely with the WebAssembly team. So the performance improvements from those WebAssembly optimizations are new.

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    • Jamie Wong, 10 days ago

      Hi Michael! The bugs in Chrome at the time were bad enough that we had to disable WebAssembly entirely for Chrome & the desktop app. It's only very recently that we've been able to re-enable it for everyone to see the benefits through a combination of work arounds & working closely with the Chrome WebAssembly team.

      In addition to that, the newly written renderer has only very recently been enabled for everyone, and we didn't even start writing that change until after the previous WebAssembly post was written. If you look at the zooming GIF in the post, the fundamental behavior of zooming has changed beyond it being just a faster computation.

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  • Luc van Loon, 7 days ago

    Fantastic. Speed of use is the main feature for me.

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  • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, 9 days ago

    Nice to see so many improvements for figma, and other design tools. This is a very comfortable situation for designers, who can now easily choose the instrument, which suits their workflow.

    The only problem is compatibility. My only wish for all the tools would be a universal file type. Just imagine, a project file, which you can open natively with the weapon of your preference (figma, framer, sketch, you name it, etc.). That would be something marvelous.

    Unfortunately, all of those apps trying to be "the one and only" in the industry, probably they have good reasons for this as well ;) But, I hope it will change in the future.


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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 9 days ago

      Just imagine, a project file, which you can open natively with the weapon of your preference (figma, framer, sketch, you name it, etc.). That would be something marvelous.

      That’s an almost impossible task. Would the file format be a superset of everything possible in all the tools? What happens when you open a file and the tool doesn’t support the features in a file? Are they just ignored? If you open a file in a tool that doesn’t support a feature, then resave the file, would the newly saved file include that feature? It could be carried across, but that behaviour should also be part of the spec. Given how bad some tools are at opening their own documents saved by a newer or older version of the tool, that might be asking too much.

      Or, would the file format be a good subset? If so, how’s that different to what we have now with SVG? What other features would you like included, that aren’t part of SVG?

      What about features that are server-backed? Things like comments typically don’t even live inside the files themselves.

      Are you happy with most things to look similar, but all the small details (text rendering, shape antialiasing, gradient rendering) to alter from tool to tool? Because, they will. That’s unavoidable.

      Would you want those decisions to be made by a committee, like the W3C? If so, are you happy to slow down innovation, and for all tools to be a different implementation of the same set of specs? I think that would reduce the range of tool choice drastically.

      I completely understand the desire for a universal format, but I think it is an impossible task, especially if you want to encompass visual design, prototyping and the other aspects of software design.

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      • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, 7 days ago

        Hey Marc!

        Sorry for the late answer. You always was my hero, you are a smart guy, I agree with what you said 100% (like almost always) and how you smashed me and drag back to the ground ;)

        I know this might be an impossible task for the current mindset and reality of multiple languages and formats etc. However, I address my wish for the future, where maybe, thanks to AI those things will be possible. I believe in that.

        The wish is born from the pain I experience. Very often I'm forced to use different design software then my preferred one. Handover to developers is another problem, you are probably aware of that as well.


        PS: Good luck with Skala (can't wait to see it)

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        • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 6 days ago

          I hope you didn’t see my comment as negative — I didn’t intend it to be taken that way. It’s just a really, really difficult problem to solve, and as much as I’d like it to happen, I don’t think it is likely.

          My questions were partly intended to spark some conversation. If SVG isn’t the format you’d like, then I’d love to know where it is failing? I suspect SVG is not what you’re after, but it’d be good to have an idea on where you’d like improvements.

          Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) format is an attempt at what you’re after for 3D scenes. I think a big issue is that for compatibility, these things tend to fall back to simpler and non-optimal ways of describing contents, just like PDFs often contain bitmaps for things like shadows, gradients, and other elements. Opening a PDF might be possible in lots of tools, but depending on your use, an un-editable shadow or gradient may not be what you’d like.

          The wish is born from the pain I experience. Very often I'm forced to use different design software then my preferred one. Handover to developers is another problem, you are probably aware of that as well.

          Oh, absolutely. There’s still lots of problems to be solved by the industry and our tools. And again, my comments were more about the frustration in this being hard to solve. Right now, I feel like large parts of my workflow are broken, and I want it fixed.


          PS: Good luck with Skala (can't wait to see it)


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          • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, 3 days ago

            Marc, I consumed your comments with please, definitely not as something negative, really appreciate that you spend your time helping refresh my thinking. Thank you

            The Pixar's format is a really good example, I'm glad that someone tackle impossibility. I can understand (following your arguments) that in our industry this challenge might be even more complicated.

            I will definitely get back to you in near future with some examples, just need to rethink your questions and correct my perspective on some things.

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