Apple pricing....

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On the apple store....two thousand Canadian dollars will get you EITHER...

  • a new iPhone Max 512GB
  • a 13" MBPro with 256GB SSD

What is the world coming to when you are carrying around a $2000 phone in your pocket?


  • Nelson Abalos JrNelson Abalos Jr, over 2 years ago

    if people buy it, the price will just go higher.

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    • Jignesh LadJignesh Lad, over 2 years ago

      There will always be a couple thousand fanboys/girls willing to sell a kidney for the latest Apple product.

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  • Ryan RushingRyan Rushing, over 2 years ago

    What is the world coming to when you are carrying around a $2000 phone in your pocket?

    I know this question is rhetorical, but the real answer is: the world is focusing on mobile, on-the-go computing. Smartphones in general can do a hell of a lot, and have been much more phones for a long time.

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    • , over 2 years ago

      I get it. I was just thinking about how nonchalant some people are with their phones - how many get left in bars and taxis, dropped onto concrete or in toilets - how easily lost or stolen these super expensive devices are.

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  • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, over 2 years ago

    There are many article on the internet that compares them to their Windows laptops equivalent in term of overall quality (aluminium, screen, battery life, weight) and the prices are always about the same...

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    • Jeff Dingwell, over 2 years ago

      I wasn't commenting on the Apple/Window's debate - rather that cell phones are now becoming the cost of a good laptop.

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      • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, over 2 years ago

        Oups haha

        Yeah… this is quite crazy. They the iPhone X was overpowered AF… So much that even the concurrence could not beat it brute power... And spec size… this little beast is even more powerful than some basic recent Macbook Pro.

        I personally find it overwhelming AF, because this is not users really need…

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  • Chris KeithChris Keith, over 2 years ago

    A phone? How do you figure that? iPhones have been pocket computers for years now.

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  • Chris Wiggs, over 2 years ago

    Canadian here too; I thought I was missing something; even the "budget" model is over $1000 now it's just insane!

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