• Nelson Abalos JrNelson Abalos Jr, 10 months ago

    Great job with the site! :) But I would strongly suggest replacing your homepage hero row with your about page hero row. Tell your story first. Show people who you are.

    I've said this many times in the past and so I made a video about it. Hope this helps.


    PS - great job building it in Webflow ;)

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    • Ismet Trako, 10 months ago

      Hi Nelson! Thank you a bunch. I saw your video while ago when I was researching a about portfolios. Thing is I wanted to present my work first, then my personality. But thanks for feedback, I will definitely think about that in next period!

      Btw. Yes, Webflow is amazing. It took me some time to get used to interface and how it works, but at the end it was worth. I have some front-end knowledge, but I was always bored to make changes in code and then refreshing to see if it works. Webflow solved that easily.

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      • Nelson Abalos JrNelson Abalos Jr, 10 months ago

        totally understandable that there is no one correct solution for everything. But thanks so much for watching :D

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  • Teodor DecuTeodor Decu, 10 months ago

    Hey Ismet, Congrats on putting your portfolio out there! It's looking great!


    Nice headline, I liked that! The illustration also has a cool vibe.

    What I would do is placing a scroll indicator to show there's more to see, since the illustration occupies the bottom of the viewport so nicely that you'd think that's all. (I noticed you already made the 'Work' button act as an anchor, but I think the suggestion above could increase discoverability)

    While scrolling down thru the projects section, I tried clicking on the picture, then on the project title. Just after that I realized I should've clicked the View Project link/button. Making each whole project section clickable would help, maybe.


    "Gets up early & delivers designs for the best user experience" What does the best user experience actually mean? I would take a second look on that, just so this statement would feel more personal, rather than a bit too generic.

    I hope that's useful! Again, well done!

    PS: Loved the Photo by: Mrs. Trako mention. Sweet!

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    • Ismet Trako, 10 months ago

      Hey Teodor! Thank you for nice words and feedback! I was thinking about view more, and will definitely include that in next update together with project area being clickable! Will also rethink about the statement with my content guy :) Thank you!

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  • Orcun IlbeyliOrcun Ilbeyli, 10 months ago

    Just great.

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  • Taahir Isaacs, 10 months ago

    Hey Ismet. Your site is looking fresh!

    Just a quick one - When you head into a project page and you scroll down the page, the "previous/next" arrows overlap images, which gave me the impression it was navigation for the image itself and not to peruse your other projects. It might have occurred because I had a lapse in concentration when browsing your site, but it happened. Maybe adding the word "project" to the arrow might help? (eg. Previous Project)

    Just a little UX note I picked up. Use it, don't use it :)

    (I'm on a Macbook Retina 13")

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  • Jake HaugenJake Haugen, 10 months ago

    Beautiful. Nice work!

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  • Ismet Trako, 10 months ago

    Hi DN,

    Happy to present you my new portfolio website today! After more than 2 months of hard work it's finally up & live.

    I build it completely in the Webflow, and would recommend to anyone who's like in between custom code - platforms.

    Also check more details on Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/shots/5217796-Portfolio-of-Ismet-ismet-design

    Tell me what do you think :)

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