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  • Vipul. Mishra, over 2 years ago

    Hello there, We have added support for Sketch library elements in design/copy collaboration tool - Scribble.

    ** Which means, you can edit & collaborate on library elements just like rest of the copy in the design! It wasn't easy but we did it for you.. **

    If you haven't heard of Scribble, let me ask you something:

    • do you use Sketch App for designing UI?

    • If yes, would it be helpful for you to be able to share your art boards with clients/ stakeholders and let them write copy remotely?

    • And, you get latest copy in your local Sketch files? No word/excel sheets involved.

    • Keeping track of all copy versions?

    ** This is what Scribble does for you - and it's free to try. Get Free Scribble Account Now. **

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