SeoImage - Find who use, duplicate or steal your content.

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Hello Designers,

If you want to know who steal, use or duplication your design, we've launched a new product for that : SeoImage .

The beta version allow you to upload an image or paste an url and we provide every informations found on the web.

You can try it for free now, I'm the designer of the website, I'll be please to have some feedback from designernews's community (about the service & the design).

Thanks !

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Update 18h40 : We've update the website thanks to your comment. Thank you :)


  • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, over 1 year ago

    Constructive criticism: have a native english speaker proofread your site, and remove the french . It really gives off an unprofessional impression.

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    • Clément JACQUELIN, over 1 year ago

      Hello Kemie, thanks for the comment. Do you have the text in english or in french on the website ?

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      • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, over 1 year ago

        Mostly English, but some parts are in French: seoimg

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        • Clément JACQUELIN, over 1 year ago

          Thanks, it's a mistake :)

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          • Selv GrimmSelv Grimm, over 1 year ago

            Not only mistakes, stuff like this: "This is for Seo, Marketer and Photograph that want to know where their content goes and who use, duplicate or share it." There's a couple of "s" missing and overall, the sentence feels unnatural, fake, wrong. Like written by someone who learned english, but doesn't really speak it ;)

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    • Jonathan PattersonJonathan Patterson, over 1 year ago

      SeoImage determines where your images are used on the internet and provides you with the backlinks. Register now to take advantage of a 30% discount!

      What does SeoImage do? SeoImage provides information about websites which use your image. Use the labels to get an idea of the alt attribute that most closely matches your image.

      Who is it for? Marketers and photographs that want to know where their content goes—who uses, duplicates, or shares it.

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  • Astrit MalsijaAstrit Malsija, over 1 year ago

    I like the product but I am not sure what is the difference from Google Image Search.

    Also I would suggest to have a small Image preview on right side after search results so you can preview before opening.

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    • Clément JACQUELINClément JACQUELIN, over 1 year ago

      Hello Astrit !

      Thank you for your interest for our product and your suggestion (it's on our Trello right now ;)).

      The difference from Google Image Search is that we find more results than Google Image (even if the image is cropped or modified).

      Something that is specific to SeoImage is that we analyse the image and give you the keywords for your "alt" attribut, an usefull fonctionnality for SEO / Marketing :).

      Plus, in the futur we plan to launch an Wordpress extension.

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