• Anmol BahlAnmol Bahl, 3 years ago

    Anything to do with development is for developers or people who are highly adept at logic and problem-solving.

    I don't think it's correct to pressure designers, who themselves take a few years to learn to design effectively; to learn logic, expressions and a development language just for the sake of being a unicorn.

    Know your currency. Some people just express their work differently.

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    • Ben GiffordBen Gifford, 3 years ago

      Art changed radically as new “technologies”—think mirrors, camera obscura, chemicals—were adopted by artists looking to strengthen their ability to tell their stories. At the time, many of those techniques were controversial, but looking back, we see a steady continuity of evolution.

      I would argue that it’s critically important for us, as designers, to be constantly assessing our tools and our attachment to them, asking whether they’re still the best ones for serving our audience and allowing us to accomplish our goals.

      Nothing to do with unicorn-ism, more to do with the pure function of design: as an interpreter and communicator seeking.

      Know your currency, yes … but a designer’s currency is their ability to solve a problem, regardless of tool. Some will be more effective with Sketch, others with React, others with paper only.

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      • Philip Davis, 3 years ago

        @ben good points — I like your examples of paper, sketch and react. These tools communicate at different levels of fidelity. Depending on your style or the requirements of your team you might not need to design at each level of fidelity.

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    • Philip Davis, 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. I definitely don’t mean to pressure or guilt anyone into learning anything.

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    • Harris Reid, 9 months ago

      Here are handy tips for React developers https://anyforsoft.com/blog/nodejs-react-development/

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  • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, 3 years ago

    Have you looked at Vue?

    I'd designed/built maybe 5-6 apps in React/Redux before my friend insisted I take a day to look at Vue. I did, and never looked back! They're very similar, but for me, the Vue templating syntax is a lot cleaner and readable, and I also feel it's more concise than React. I do think it's because Vue adds a lot more "magic" in the background though, which a lot of people don't like.

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 3 years ago

      Vue feels so much friendlier to designers who know a little JS than React is. I fell in love with Vue after one project. I still like React compared to older frameworks, but nothing compares to Vue.

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    • Taurean BryantTaurean Bryant, 3 years ago

      just chiming in with a +1 vue over anything else currently as well. It feels way more accessible as a designer who's not super familiar with js but otherwise still does regular front-end code writing.

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    • Bart S, 3 years ago

      Vue's fantastic. I learned a bit of React when I wanted to learn React Native so I could build apps. Eventually got the hang of it but never really got the feeling that I completely understood what I was writing. Vue is so much cleaner and readable it's insane. I really hope Vue becomes as big as React is right now.

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