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    Hey DN,

    I'm Zimo from Ghost and today we’ve just launched Ghost 2.0, the next major version of the open source publishing platform.

    I joined Ghost earlier this year and this release is the first major project I’ve been leading the design work on. Coming from the classic startup world - working for Ghost as a designer is quite a unique and exciting experience.

    Ghost is open source which is in itself requires a very special approach to product design: there are many contributors and a lot of our product/design feedback comes from the open source community. Also, being completely independent (i.e. we have no investors) helps us keeping the design of the product very focused and sometimes (okay, many times) pretty opinionated ;).

    We are a super small team so I’ve been doing everything design: from concept to actual frontend refinements (I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about). On top of it, Ghost is fully remote so our design processes (ideation, critique, testing etc.) are mostly async. Overall the whole org. setup at Ghost makes product desing very unique and interesting.

    One of the major update in the release is a new editor which you could loosely think of as “Medium meets Slack integrations” (previously it was full Markdown). Our primary goal with the editor design was to keep the writing experience as focused as possible while providing future scalability. We built on a lot of familiar design patterns (e.g. markdown keyboard commands are converted to visual representations) so that the transition from Markdown or other editors is seamless. We also introduced a dynamic card menu which can be extended with new content types that professional publications need.

    Besides writers and publishers, another major user group for Ghost are developers. A completely non-classic product design area was to work on developer focused tools like the CLI or a theme compatiblity checker (https://gscan.ghost.org).

    I’d love to hear any feedback or answer questions

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    • Brandon SBrandon S, over 3 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      Big fan of Ghost, definitely excited to check out the new release. Curious though can you tell me what you mean by "custom homepages" (As mentioned in the blog post). I tried to find an example but couldn't is it just a parent directory for all the blog posts or are you trying to build more of a wordpress competitor?


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        Hey Brandon, There are a lot of custom publication use cases that are different from a classic stream of posts that you see on most blogs, and that’s what dynamic routing in Ghost 2.0 is addressing. With it it’s possible to control the routing of the publication to separate the content into distinct areas. A custom homepage simply defines a relationship between a route and a template (i.e. what template should be rendered for a URL) but they don't fetch any resource data (it's static). If you're interested more in the details of how it works, you can check examples in the docs or on the Ghost forum. Cheers

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  • Todd FTodd F, over 3 years ago

    Having no idea what Ghost even is, after looking the website options and reading what little copy there is, I still have no idea. Based on what's there, it's got something to do a with themes, which makes me think it's about WordPress themes. Might want to address that if you're interested in new users at all.

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  • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, over 3 years ago

    First mac window onsite is empty. Looks like a bug...

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