My biggest project so far: Story Chief

11 months ago from , Developer and co-founder StoryChief

I’m so excited to finally post storychief.io (after 4 years of being a lurking member here) the product I’ve been working on. I used to work as a freelancer and found some interesting hurdles when trying to publish content. And that’s when the idea of Story Chief was born.

Looking forward to your findings and questions!

Also my first time on producthunt exciting times!


  • Martin KMartin K, 10 months ago

    Oh yeah. This looks neat. But I need to say this. This super mega chat popup in the corner took up a lot of space and looked broken. Maybe take a look at that :)

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  • Johnnie Gomez AlzagaJohnnie Gomez Alzaga, 10 months ago

    I'm just gonna say I fell in love with this lil' guy: Lil' Sloth

    Love it!

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  • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, 10 months ago

    Well done, I like it A LOT!

    I'm gonna give it a try. I've been looking for a simple publishing platform, and the free account with 5 stories a month is a lot anyway....

    Brilliant work!

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  • Ilias IsmanalijevIlias Ismanalijev, 10 months ago

    Very essential in our marketing toolkit!

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  • joe andersonjoe anderson, 10 months ago

    Love this, more design founder products, hope to use this soon. Congrats!

    Could you talk a little about the evolution of the dashboard. When I login it looks plain whereas on the screen shot it seems more welcoming and full of stats. Is the screenshot a future version youre planning?

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    • , 10 months ago

      Sure we're currently testing the new dashboard, it's almost done! As you know the 1% to finish it takes some time. We had a lot of iterations and some tweaks during the development phase. I was going to share the sketches but they are not in my possession right now. Glad you like it because it's going to look exactly like that!

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  • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, 10 months ago

    Congrats on your launch man!

    Looks super slick. Shared internally :-)

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  • Einar LöveEinar Löve, 10 months ago

    This is the first thing I see without interacting with the site, which is unfortunetly. Consider maybe preventing the chat from auto opening?

    Good luck with your product!

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    • Brik De Maeyer, 10 months ago

      I see Intercom is useful but in this case, it's just not. We will disable it for mobile. Thanks for the heads-up!

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  • Roman Pohorecki, 10 months ago

    Looks very useful. The actual value proposition starts at "Publish Faster." Everything above that, like the B&W photos of people, looks like filler content.

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    • Brik De Maeyer, 10 months ago

      It's very hard to choose a value proposition "Publish Faster" is just not covering everything. In my words, I would say 'Story Chief helps you and your team to the next level of content marketing' But hey looking for better options here so suggestions are more than welcome!

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  • Cameron GettyCameron Getty, 10 months ago

    Awesome! Loving it so far. Will there be an option for embedded images in stories, or am I just missing that right now?

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    • Brik De Maeyer, 10 months ago

      Thanks, you can upload an image and also create slideshows. Or am I misinterpreting your question?

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  • Artin Kiassati, 10 months ago

    Beautiful branding and marketing page. I'd give the product a try as well.

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  • Zsolt Kacso, 10 months ago


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  • Greg CorbyGreg Corby, 10 months ago

    Wow this is awesome. Perfect timing too, as I'm working on launching a super content-heavy blog/digital publication, and hadn't even started thinking about multi-channel distribution. I have a few more in-depth questions, do you have an email I could send a few detailed questions to?

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  • John Gat, 10 months ago

    Pretty nice! One question. How does the omnichannel publishing works? Wouldn't the same content published across platforms hurt the SEO?

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  • Alex FloresAlex Flores, 10 months ago

    Beautiful! Singing up.

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