Perkk.co [BETA] - A project board where perks are swapped for design, development & creative resource. (perkk.co)

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Hey! Just a touch of background on this...

The idea was born from money always being a blocker of doing the things I want to in life. So I thought what if design/development was a currency and you could spend it? Of course you'd spend your time but essentially you'd be rich-ish!

So was born Perkk.co, a project board where perks are swapped for design/dev resource. Simple. We (as a community of designer/devs), receive perks of an appropriate value and companies utilise your skills for their own stock, service which at cost is minimal. So that's the beneficial trade-off.

Oh and projects are reviewed by myself before publishing to ensure good quality and fair postings.

Let me know what you guys think :D Constructive feedback welcomed!

(There are dummy posts on there right now!)

Elliot James


  • Natasha Morris, 1 year ago

    Looks great, I know loads of business and designers alike which would use the service

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  • Taulant SulkoTaulant Sulko, 1 year ago

    Interesting idea. This would be a great resource for people trying to get into design and that want to gain experience by getting something in return. My feedback is to remove any placeholder copy such as "Cupcake ipsum dolor." before publishing it anywhere.

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    • Elliot James, 1 year ago

      Thanks Taulant!

      Haha! Yes I agree, I will work on some contextual post-specific placeholder text :D

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  • John JacksonJohn Jackson, 1 year ago

    Hey Elliot, really love the concept! One suggestion I have is to potentially tie a dollar value to what's being offered. For example, one ad I see says that I'll get 50 free meals...but what does that equal out to in dollar value? An estimated value would be great.

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    • Elliot James, 1 year ago

      Thanks John! This is a great point and definitely something I will look into. I was thinking of ways I can help companies/people understand the value of what they're offering in comparison to what they are asking for. So that ties in nicely :)

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  • Dylan SmithDylan Smith, 1 year ago

    design/dev resource

    I think you'll find it's called people's time.

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    • Elliot James, 1 year ago

      So what you've done here Dylan is understand the proposition for designers and developers. Instead of spending their cash, they spend their time developing/designing etc. in exchange for a perk of sorts. That perk has monetary value of course (everything does, right?), so what's happening here is they get compensated with the end product rather than the money to buy it. Think of money as the middle man that I'm cutting out :)

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  • Celeste NorthCeleste North, 1 year ago

    This is such a lovely idea! For junior designers or anybody with time who wants to either help or improve skills with real work would be great.

    I'd expect the posts there offering a proper compensation indeed, but I'd assume that most projects would be for small companies or people that cannot afford a designer/developer.

    Really cool Elliot!

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    • Elliot JamesElliot James, 1 year ago

      Hey Celeste!

      Thanks for your feedback, really nice to hear!

      Correct, it would look to target smaller companies and start-ups where budgets may be tighter.


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