• Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 12 months ago

    Unfortunately with agencies nowadays, it's always a moment of "ah, one of those sites".

    • pseudo-minimalistic
    • broken aesthetic rules that make you slightly uncomfortable
    • image == content
    • staggered animations
    • controlled user behaviour (scroll jacking)
    • intro "loading" screen
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  • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, 11 months ago

    I couldn't take the frenetic intro and bailed.

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  • Scott Barron, 12 months ago

    Why do people still think Scroll jacking is a good idea...

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  • Jimmy HookerJimmy Hooker, 12 months ago

    Damn, lots of hate. I think it looks sick.

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  • David James, 12 months ago

    The whole site feels designed to make the user feel slightly uncomfortable, the disconnect with the scrolling down but moving horizontally, the slight movement with the mouse on hover, the distracting glitch effect and the slightly too tiny text.

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  • Louis BLouis B, 12 months ago

    Can we have more Site Design links on DN? Come on people!

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  • John S.John S., 11 months ago

    I think the intro needs an epilepsy warning

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    • Matt C, 11 months ago

      I mean, it's not a joke, it literally needs an epilepsy warning. Not sure why this isn't top voted.

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  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, 12 months ago

    Webdesign 101: TEST YOUR SITE IN AS MANY BROWSERS AS POSSIBLE!!! It's 2018, does this REALLY need to be stated anymore?!? Not everyone uses Chrome and the site fails to load in Safari for macOS (seems to work in Safari for iOS on the iPad).

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  • Cameron GettyCameron Getty, 12 months ago

    Agree with @todd. Beautiful site (and really awesome projects) but the hover effects kinda make me dizzy if I look at it for too long. Or maybe just too much caffeine today.

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  • Account deleted 12 months ago

    Transitions and visuals are nice, but the effects on the type are like my screen is broken and horizontal scrolling isn't fun. It all kinda works though. Nice site.

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