Which mac to buy?

6 years ago from , Director of Product @ Infor

I've been using iMac at home for a long time. Right now I am looking to upgrade but I am very lost in my choices. On one hand I love having all in one desktop at home. At work we are using MacBook Pro's with Thunderbolt displays which is also a very good setup.

What's your setup and why?


  • Andrew LucasAndrew Lucas, 6 years ago

    Macbook Pro, 15/13" with 1 or 2 Thunderblot displays. If you are going to be using a Thunderbolt display(s), you could probably go for a 13". Then I'd get as much RAM as you can in there, I run 16GB and it's spot on. Not sure about RMBPs, as I haven't used one for work.

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    • Jacob ThompsonJacob Thompson, 6 years ago

      I'm on a 15" MBP and 24" TB display and I cannot fault it at all. Pretty much perfect setup.

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  • James StiffJames Stiff, 6 years ago

    I have a Mac Mini with Thunderbolt display at the office. That's just what was provided, although I did have some say in the spec.

    At home my primary machine is a Hackintosh with an old Dell display.

    My Mac Pro (2006) wouldn't run OS X Mountain Lion or above so when the RAM failed I decided to build my own machine rather than replace it. I like being able to upgrade components which ruled out the MacBook Pro - I didn't need the portability anyway.

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  • Eric BoyerEric Boyer, 6 years ago

    I've been working on an Air for the past 3 years and just picked up the new maxed out 15 rMBP and it is amazing. It'll take a little getting use to carting around a larger machine on the go, but the screen is just unreal.

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  • Maksim Petriv, 6 years ago

    I decided on Macbook Air 13" maxed out.

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  • Account deleted 6 years ago

    As a designer that buys a new Mac the choice is fairly simple, because you'll benefit a lot from having a retina display. Currently only 13" and 15" MacBook Pros offer hi-res display, so that's what you probably should choose from. Even though they're light, thin and portable, they're still incredibly powerful. On top of all that, they were refreshed just a few weeks ago.

    I bought the new, lower specced 15" rMBP a week ago and I couldn't be happier. It's a perfect computer. The screen is so good, I work using only it, as my 24" Cinema Display sits unused since the new Mac arrived.

    You might want a secondary display if you can't work on a smaller screen or you need 1x environment for testing, and emulation isn't enough. That said, I'd consider waiting for a retina-caliber external display from Apple, that will eventually be released (nobody know when, though).

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  • Wes OudshoornWes Oudshoorn, 6 years ago

    Macbook + thunderbolt.

    Use an air if you like to travel, use a pro if you need speed, love retina and want a decent workspace without your screen.

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  • Lucas AlmeidaLucas Almeida, 6 years ago

    In Brazil, Macbooks are really expensive. The best I could get was a 13,3" MBP with i5, 8gb ram and 500gb hd. It's pretty good for my freelances. In the agency, I work with a 27" iMac with i7, 8gb ram and 1tb hd.

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  • Valters GrisansValters Grisans, 6 years ago

    I have a 13.3" rMBP for home and travel use and 27" iMac for everyday work. Love the retina display, everything is so pixel perfect.

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